Do you want to volunteer for us at one or several occasions? On this page we present a virtual smorgasbord of activities where we need help and where YOU can make a difference.

Applied Nature Conservation at Hörjelgården.
There is a lot of things that need to be done at Hörjelgården.
For updated information about coming dates, see Hörjelgården’s homepage. Usually we start at 10 am. Bring working gloves and picnic.
We have a few loppers that are good, but if you have a personal favourite at home you are welcome to bring them. For more information, contact Emma 0733-260 172.

Help Adding to Our Guide to Scanian Nature
On our webpage we present over 200 natural areas. Help us develop the descriptions with directions, maps, pictures, web links, geocaches, etc.
Write about the areas that are missing and make a presentation of them. Please contact Magnus Billqvist if you are interested.

Compile the Programs of all Local Circuits
Our 28 local circuits have their own programs, but members are welcome to visit activities all over the country.
Help us compile the programs of the Scanian circuits to our regional calendar and/or to the national calendar so that we can present all Scanian activities in one place. In this way we can reach even more non-members. Please contact Magnus Billqvist if you are interested.

Help Us at Events
Every year we need help representing the organisation when we participate in different exhibitions and events such as Falsterbo Bird Show or Skånsk Naturfotofestival. Are you outgoing, social and service minded? Then this is something for you! Come and help out one day, a few hours or a few days! We make a schedule for every occasion. Please contact Magnus Billqvist if you are interested or Petter Albinsson if you want to help the Stork Project.

Find People’s E-mail Addresses
We want to reach as many of our members as possible with digital sendings, but we are missing a lot of e-mail addresses.
Help us call/contact the members who don’t have a registered e-mail address. We know that most people have one nowadays. Please contact Magnus Billqvist if you are interested.

Are You Looking For a More Continuous Commitment?
We are always looking for people who want to get involved in different working groups. We are looking for all sorts of people and you do not need to be an “expert on nature” to get involved. It is enough that you are committed and that you are interested in SSNC’s work. If you are interested in this type of work, don’t hesitate to contact Magnus Billqvist 046/33 56 51. He will tell you more about what it means to be involved.

Help the Scanian White Stork
There is a lot that needs to be done in the field and we are always in need of YOUR help! If you are interested in helping out, please contact Petter Albinsson, 0709-98 02 25.