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579095_349646235090656_1246512983_nThe Swedish Society for Nature Conservation in Scania is the regional branch of SSNC, the largest NGO in Sweden. SSNC is a politically and religiously independent non-profit organisation. Care for the environment is our driving force. We build the organisation on membership fees, voluntary work and contributions from individuals, businesses and organizations.

Staff and Office
SSNC Scania has an office at Nils Bjelkegatan 4B in Lund. There you will find our staff: Magnus Billqvist who works with projects, campaigns, applications, networks, etc. Petter Albinson and Emma Ådahl works with the White Stork Project.

If you plan to visit us, we recommend that you call first: some days we are in the field, at meetings or otherwise and may be difficult to reach. All contact details can be found below under ’More Information’.

In many of our projects we are in need of volunteers. If you are interested in doing voluntary work for SSNC Scania, check out our volunteering page, where you will find updated information about current projects.

More Information
Contact information
Our cycle guide: Cycle from Skåne to Stockholm

Our Board
Rikard Lehmann, chairman
Bettina Ekdahl
Karin Bergendal
Hjalmar Dahm
Anders Ekstrand
Sven Gustavi
Kristin Johansson
Lars-Bertil Nilsson
Charlotte Hansson
Anna Widén

European Congress on Odonatology 2016.